et Clear Intentions. Foundational to a holistic design approach is intention – clearly defining how a space will be used, and by whom.

You can begin by asking yourself questions like:

  • What is this space’s primary function?
  • Who will be using this space?
  • What do I want this space to feel like?
  • How do I want to feel in this space?
  • How does it connect to the spaces or rooms around it?
  • How does it connect to the outdoors?

By asking yourself these detailed questions, you will uncover the information needed to ground your design in its functionality first. Once you have a strong foundation set, you will have the clarity needed to define every other aspect of your design, like layout, furniture needs, colours, finishes, textures, and lighting. The goal of asking these discerning questions is to uncover how you envision your best life in that space. This vision will help to ensure you – and your interior designer – have the information needed to thoughtfully organize a space where you can feel at ease and in balance.